Athletes from around the world were seen at their best in London. The enthusiasm, determination, vigour and excellence of athletes in various sports events were worth watching. The arrangements were splendid and so was the conduct of the competing teams. While enjoying the games, I missed the Green shirts. Unfortunately, Pakistan, the world’s sixth-most populous country, which had won three gold medals in field hockey in the past Olympics, failed yet again and no one is ready to accept responsibility.

The blame lies with the dozens of sports federations filled with incompetent and unqualified heads and those who appoint them. The officeholders of sports federations strive to retain their lucrative jobs through their political and bureaucratic links. The president of the Olympics committee and the heads of all relevant sports federations must accept their failure and offer their resignations. Instead of various committees and federations, we should make one broad-based body and hold it responsible for our sportsmen’s performance in international sporting events like the Olympics. Excellence in sports may redeem our national honour and pride. We must start preparing for the Rio de Janeiro Olympics 2016.

Osman A,

Rawalpindi, August 15.