MAKKAH - President Asif Ali Zardari and Turkish President Abdullah Gul met here Wednesday on the sidelines of fourth extraordinary Islamic summit at Makkah, and exchanged views on wide-ranging bilateral, regional and international issues, situation in the Middle East with focus on Syria and the reconciliation and peace process in Afghanistan.

The President appreciated the Turkish leadership for the positive role for bringing peace and stability in the Middle East and said that Pakistan considers Turkey as an important player in the region and expressed hope that it would continue playing its active role in the regional peace and development.

About the situation in North Africa and Middle East, Zardari said that as pillars of stability in the broader region, Pakistan and Turkey were well placed to play a positive role in dealing with the prevailing situation in the region and Middle East.

The two leaders were unanimous in the view that both Pakistan and Turkey had significant and important responsibility in the comity of nations and that both the countries had unanimity of views on all the regional and international issues.

They said that both the countries were facing many challenges to ensure peace, security and stability in the region but vowed to confront all the challenges and contribute in a meaningful way to the cause of peace and stability of the region.

Discussing Pak-Turkey bilateral ties, the President said that the mechanism of High Level Cooperation Council between Pakistan and Turkey is geared towards further deepening the bilateral cooperation and enhancing its scope to the benefit of peoples of both countries.

Turkey and Pakistan enjoy exemplary relations which go beyond the governments and are rooted in common history, culture and ethos of our people, he stated.