Though we talk much about gender inequality in Pakistan yet very little is done to stamp it out. While women have excelled in every field; girls every year obtain top positions in metric, inter and O and A level examinations but are denied equal opportunities in admissions in various institutions due to gender biasness that abounds. In a country with total population of around 183 million there is less or no representation of women in every public or private institution. Out of large judiciary we find scarcity of female judges, not on account of qualification, but of gender prejudices perhaps. Though the rulers often repeat their claim about equality of genders but their deeds betray their words. The recent act of granting awards by Najam Sethi to men and women teams is a point to ponder upon.

The men’ team which after facing humiliating defeat in many events finally emerged victorious beating West Indian team in T20 and one-day matches. An award of two lakh for each player and further two for individual performances was given. In contrast, our women (blind) team, which after defeating many teams, qualified for World Cup got just one lakh each and none for extraordinary performance! Is it not gender bias or disregard of services rendered by females? These discrepancies breed discord and discontent in the society and discourage any new talent.

A dictator gave 33 percent representation to women in parliament but the same is being misused by politicians bringing their own wives and daughters into parliament disregarding any merit. Therefore, the rulers and those in power need to shed prejudices against the fair sex and provide equal chances to segment of society that constitutes half or more of total population.


Islamabad, August 11.