This is just the beginning of the monsoon and river Chitral is already in high flood. Kabul, Swat, Haro and Soan rivers cannot be far behind. Rawal dam is overflowing and its banks and its spillway has been opened, flooding Korangi River. Leh Nala is also in flood and the waters of both Korang and Leh are ending up in Soan River, which ends in the Indus just short of the Kalabagh site.

Guess where all this flood water is headed to? Can any dam on the Indus trap this flood water? Do the politicians in Sindh know this? Do the people who will bear the brunt know this? If there had not been such policy against the construction of Kalabagh Dam this water could have been stored, and if we had built smaller dams we could have saved millions of people from this recurring disaster, of which the country has ample warning.

Has any newspaper, columnist or politician from the ruling party the courage to warn the people of this self-inflicted havoc which will visit Sindh every year. Politicians could well be worried about their vote bank but what are the columnists worried about? Or is it a case of ‘ignorance is bliss’.


Lahore, August 2.