The incident of jail breaks in Bannu and D I Khan where a large number of terrorists were able to escape ought to give us time to rethink and plan our strategy. Knowing that we have caught terrorists and if it has been proved by court of law these terrorists should be given due justice as soon as possible, rather than putting them in jails and giving their friends the opportunity to break free such dangerous criminals.

As terrorism has rocked the country and killed thousands if not millions we need to have strict laws. These terrorists are claiming dozens of valuable lives daily, to eliminate this menace our government should promulgate ‘qisas’, the law of equality in punishment, as a last resort we should adopt ruthless ‘Shoot to kill’ policy against these proclaimed CIA and RAW backed TTP insurgents. In a nutshell, our media, politicians and general masses should exude a strong sense of unity to deal with this threat. Once these terrorists have been identified they could also be publicly executed to put the fear of Allah in the hearts of anyone who would like to join such groups of killers.


Karachi, August 11