PM and Chief Ministers,

Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Dear Sirs,

I am a young, law abiding and taxpaying citizen of this beloved country, with a very humble and honest request to you, our leader. As one who represents the interests of each and every citizen of this country, and who safeguards the very interests and basic needs of its people, I would like to share with you, my perspective in my short life thus far, before I put forward the actual request.

I am one of those fortunate people who have had the honour and privilege of having known individuals, who are/were the 1st generation of Pakistanis. I've heard firsthand experiences of those who left their homes, belongings, friends, and memories to live in a land of equal opportunities, where their needs would be met, and they would feel secure enough to practice the religion of their choice. The horrors they witnessed and experienced cannot be erased or avenged. And many of them do or did not wish it to be so either, as they gave lives for a land, which promised them hope of a future, even if that meant starting with nothing and not knowing what lay ahead.

For years, maybe even decades, these were the only true patriots that this nation has known, who have devoted, more or less, their entire lives to build and develop this land of diversity. Culturally, economically, socially, educationally, religiously, politically, intellectually, philosophically.......

We, as a nation, back then, were succeeding. There was a sense of Honour and Pride (yes, with a capital 'H' and 'P') in our nationality. We stood for something, because we stood for what we believed in. I suppose that's because we actually had beliefs back then.......and our leaders reflected us, the people, and fought to realise our collective views and perspectives.

Fighting even then with much interference, with the hope to rise above its deficits, the 2nd and 3rd generation has only been caught up in chaos. Others influenced us by playing on our insecurities and inciting greed and power in those rising or trying to. Rather than serving to further the country, the ones with and in power have only been serving their own personal needs and wants. Other power struggles, from within, have only developed because of the imaginary conflicts we have been taught to believe to exist between us. Of religion and ethnicity, of sect, of caste, or colour. A distraction from the reality of how to get where we want to go.

And yet, we all want the same thing.......

As a nation, rather than internally boosting one another, we are more concerned with tearing them down. Belittling another, and diminishing one’s own character along with it!

Wasn't this land supposed to be a peaceful land? Didn't we start out relying on ourselves and ourselves alone? We were orphaned at birth.......Some would call us the bastard child of Britain and India. Running from foster home to foster home, and conflicted about who the parents are.

So where are we now? From overcoming our shortcomings so well, we're caught up in power struggles that have been hurting each and every citizen of this country. The entire lower to upper middle class are now approaching a point where chaos is likely to be the only and fast-approaching end.

Did we consider the possibility of viewing ourselves as an independent state, like we had initially started as? How does independence work when the government’s arm can be twisted by those who "can"?

The 4th generation, now expected to take the reins, feels that we (the very country- with terrain, soil, water, climate, and weather) have had everything in this land, which anyone ever needs to live and grow and have a future in, with, and for. Then why are we still under this constant crisis and debt? This inflation that we've seen rise in the last 20 years thus far to 400 percent (PKR: USD alone) and 500 percent if you talk about fuel prices alone.

And today, we feel we are paying for far more in taxes of all sorts than is being utilised for the country we are still trying to build, when all it really seems to be doing is tearing down constantly. Those few million who still don't want to take or offer (or rather be forced and threatened to take) bribes, who still believe in this country as a nation that once stood united, and can once again (with or without TTP, BLA, JeT, LeT, and other religious/political and non-religious/non-political groups). People who want to believe in the power of the individual vote to form a government that will work to support the people that it represents and to actually safeguard its interests in terms of basic rights and facilities of a still 66-year-old developing country.

We are not from those other few hundred thousand who have given up their loyalty to the soil that their ancestors lived and died for, who are now working with the "all powerful" few thousand to eat away at what remains of this beautiful piece of land, and its magnificent hard-working, honest, hospitable, and humble people, who live day to day and day by day in the hope that their individual efforts will somehow help in getting to our ever bright future. But to live in this fear from within and without, and to experience it, as a constant and expected state is not acceptable. Governments being overthrown for decades followed by a democratically successful transition full of violent turmoil? With all the possibilities of sourcing energy and trade agreements with our fellow regional allies, who somehow always try to assist us and leave us with concrete examples of their assistance and alliance. Why is it that whenever we are proceeding in actualising what is in the best interest of this country, we are somehow also faced with a threat to prevent it.

And somehow we always seem to succumb. You see, Sir, it is difficult to comprehend sense in such decisions, as it makes it obvious that others aren't really looking out for us, nor are they fulfilling the needs which would have otherwise been fulfilled, and the future itself does not seem to be improving or even giving much hope of it.

Sirs, this is where my request comes in. I am not going to suggest any right or wrong in these possibilities. God knows, you do know better for which is good for the country and which is good for those who control the decisions of this country, and which you will be implementing.

Please consider the fate of this nation and its civilians.

Please put us out of our misery, as we are not working to advance your personal interests or that of any external or individual or collective being, unless their interests match what is acceptable in any decent and God-fearing (yes, I can almost hear a chuckle at that) state. As you do not seem to be fulfilling the role expected of you, nor does a resignation fit into any politicians' personality (as it, probably, requires some amount of sense of integrity, responsibility, and sincerity), please kill us in a quick, however painful, way, as prolonged suffering does not encourage us to help you live your lives.

In my very humble opinion, it is better to launch an atomic or nuclear attack on ourselves, than to make the people continue to suffer what has now become a way of life - the power cuts on electricity, gas and water; hikes in cost for fuel and basic food items (wheat/flour, oil, meat, dairy products, fruits, vegetables) on account of debt, in addition to general inflation, terror threats, and acts of terrorism (internal or external) almost daily, more recently with tension at the border, with already existing issues of unemployment, thefts/robberies, assault, poor housing and social welfare, poor public transportation, pathetic public healthcare and lack of law enforcement - general poor governance.

The time has come when that is no longer acceptable and, therefore, do consider this request, with the given perspective, seriously.


A law-abiding and taxpaying citizen.