In a TV talk show on July 15, Mr. Asad Umar of PTI advocated the construction of run- of- the-river projects instead of large dams. Obviously his reference was against Kalabagh Dam. PTI spokesperson should be careful in giving such remarks, because Kalabagh Dam’ construction is the key element of PTI’s manifesto. It is improper to shift priorities as per political requirements. Now as PTI has formed the government in KPK it does not mean that PTI should forget Lahore, the heart of Punjab from where PTI’s star came to limelight. PTI should not become hostage to KPK government and behave like a regional party. ANP opposed KBD due to their vested interests and acted against national interests. Now as ANP has been marginalised, the time is ripe for PTI to take action and bring a resolution in support of KBD in KPK assembly, as the province will also be the main beneficiary by irrigating 8 lac acres barren land of Southern KPK districts. Obviously PML-N will support such a resolution in national interest.


Lahore, August 11.