I am neither a town planner nor a good manager, but as a layman I noticed so many flaws in recent projects implemented on Ferozepur road. Widening roads or the various beautification techniques were carried out in the best interest of the city and its citizens. There is no doubt that all previous work made life easier for the people travelling on Ferozepur road, and the road became safer, faster and moiré convenient. Apart from the plus points of the Metro Bus project, Lahore is bifurcated into two parts; the east and the west.

Just after six months another mega project was launched .In my view it is unnecessary and a waste of money. There is no point in constructing six flyovers within one kilometre.

The area is facing an acute absence of basic services such as water and sewage. Stop-gap arrangements made by the relevant board are insufficient. The streets are flooded by sewage water, which increases the risk of diseases tenfold. These projects are all exemplary of gross mismanagement by the government. As a taxpayer, it is my request to the government to take appropriate measures to complete this project as soon as possible. I hope that the authorities who manage this project must take appropriate actions.

Ahmed Bilal Khan,

Lahore, August 15.