I have no intentions of praising the Sharif brothers because I had, and I will continue to disagree with their governing agenda based on capitalism, exploitation and tyranny. But there is one thing I must say, let democracy go on, and time will clip the wings of tyrants. Regarding rule of merit, which is on the top of the “Captain’s” agenda, I shall say that let democracy go on and let merit mature within the democratic context. Recently, I, along with, three of my friends were selected as Sub-Inspectors in Punjab police, without paying a penny (normal rate is 3-4 million rupees), another friend of mine, last month got selected as a PRO in Auqaf department. A similar case has been witnessed by those friends who have attempted the CSS, as the FPSC’s integrity is beyond question. Let democracy go on, or else after consuming the quick drugs of revolution, the nation may repent.


Lahore, August 13.