RAWALPINDI - Four traffic wardens on Friday impounded a coaster van of foreign tourists for violation of traffic rules, damaging public property and interfering into police matters.

Despite resistance on the part of head of foreign tourists, who was a female, the wardens refused to free the vehicle.

According to details, a speeding coaster van (LHP-8308) with 17 tourists, all belonging to Slovenia, entered Bank Road at 04:00pm from wrong side and also broke cables and other public property. On public complaints, two traffic wardens Waseem and his colleague did a brief chase of speeding coaster and intercepted it on Kashmir Road. As the wardens tried to issue fine ticket to the violator, the driver sped away the van towards Adam Jee Road putting the lives of people and cars moving around in danger. However, the wardens again succeeded to stop the fleeing van but once again the driver, who was later identified as Tariq, a resident of Swat, sped away the vehicle. Finally, the fleeing van trapped near Secretariat Number 2 due to construction work. Here, the driver locked the vehicle and tourists denied to talk to wardens.

The wardens requested the driver and the head of foreign tourists namely Cassinia to provide wardens with vehicle documents, driver’s licence and route permit. Unfortunately, the lady turned down all the requests and started arguing with wardens. “You can’t stop us. We are foreigners and returning from Chitral. Don’t waste our time. Neither driver nor me will hand you over documents,” Cassinia asked the warden, in rough tone.

Nonetheless, the wardens remained steadfast and finally the driver gave his CNIC to the wardens. Later, the wardens allowed driver Tariq to go and come back to police station after dropping the foreigners in hotel.