English antagonism, the topsy-turvy Muslim League, and a naïve clergy—this was the scenario before 1947. Not a single soul in the world was expecting the creation of Pakistan. But our ancestors hoodwinked the opponents and succeeded in granting independence to our people. Back to 1971, the nation was divided into two parts due to nexus of India and Mukti Bahini. Everyone in the world expected a bleak future, but we defied the odds and rose to become an ‘atomic power’ in 1998. Moreover, we faced martial laws, the Kargil war, the earthquake in 2005, the Lal Masjid debacle and the floods in 2010—but never lost faith. Probably no other nation in the world has faced as many challenges as we have and proved our mettle.

Now we are fighting with terrorists in Operation Zarb-e-Azab; a million people have been displaced but we will soon get rid of these anarchists. On this auspicious day, we have to make some promises that we will shun nepotism, sectarianism and corruption. We will show the world our true worth. For this country, thousands of people accepted martyrdom, scores of women were raped and tens of thousands of children were put on spikes but our forefathers accepted all this because it was worth it, to have our own homeland. Before 1947 we were in search of ‘piece of land’ and now our ‘piece of land’ is in search of ‘peaceful nation’. Let us all unite for the sake of this country. Let us all shout—long live Pakistan.


Bhakkar, August 12.