Finally, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif addressed the people, and he decided to form a commission in order to restrain Imran Khan from carrying out the Azadi March. There are many questions the people would like to ask, such as why did it take him so long to decide on what to say? He had the power to resolve the issue with wisdom but he was too busy going on foreign trips. Yesterday he played his final card, during his speech but he is too late.

I will not say his address was for the common people because he said nothing for them. The government blocked all major roads with containers, and all shops in areas where the March will travel through will be closed, leaving people without food or medicines. No one mentioned the problems that the common man is facing and soon after he finished his speech the price of sugar increased. The Prime minister’s speech was like Musharaf’s last speech when he was counting his projects. His address is of no use when he appears to be confused, and has no idea of the troubles of the common man.


lslamabad, August 13.