Fishermen of the Manjar Goth, Deh Mann, Deh Allah Bano and Mubarak Village have urged the governemnt to remove illegal encroachment along the Sunhera beach. This demand was raised at a meeting near Sunhera beach in Manjar Goth on August 7, 2015. A large number of fishermen from Sindhi and Baloch community participated in the meeting. “Our harbour have been grabbed by land mafia, where we anchore our fishing boats”, said speakers.

They said that they lodged several complaints against encroachment but concerned department did not take any action against land mafia. They said that the land mafia has grabbed a vast area where they have illegally erected gates and constructed walls.

They said that the land mafia have stationed private guards along the beach, and these guards are charging fee from the beach-goers and local fishermen. Local fishermen have expressed their concern over land mafia’s activities.

Speakers said that Sunhera harbour is public property, which cannot be allotted to any person for personal use or commercial purpose. The Sindh government should probe the matter.


Karachi, August 7.