Hurrah for Pakistani ‘democracy’. As per news reports a MPA, who primary task is to prepare legislation to help the public at large, forcibly got the accused in the child sexual abuse case released from the jail near a town close to Kasur. Since when does the MPA have the authority to do so? If he actually did so, where were the senior police and civil administration officers? Were they deaf or blind? Or they knew it would be a futile to raise any objection as they must have felt that the MPA in question was blue eyed boy of the PML-N.

It is heart breaking to see that a few people think that they can do anything to anybody without being held accountable. One cannot even imagine the terror the young children must have gone through for 10 years. For the parents who were blackmailed as well, it must have been a nightmare. The only saving grace left would be to give the accused a fair trial and give the guilty the maximum punishment under the law.


Islamabad, August 10.