Without any doubt, criminal activity in our country has escalated, however, this does not allow citizens to take law into their own hands. What’s most disconcerting is that our government is encouraging this practice rather than reforming police departments and judicial systems. This act itself shows how very dysfunctional our government is. 

The Inspector General of the Police in Sindh announced a cash award and a certificate of bravery for a person who killed two dacoits in Karachi this week. The man had a licensed gun with which he killed the robbers. This action of the police department has set a bad precedent for the days to come. By these means, the department is promoting lawlessness. 

It’s time that the government steps out of its illusions about itself and recognises its responsibilities. Innocent people may suffer because of the government’s idiosyncrasies. 


WAH CANTT, August 7.