ISLAMABAD: Minister for Interior Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Monday said several suspects had been arrested in connection to the Quetta massacre; a deadly suicide bomb attack which had claimed 72 lives.

The interior minister told lawmakers here in the National Assembly that security forces had obtained several fingerprints from the crime scene. However, he added, they belonged to a victim and not the terrorist himself.

Nisar told the lower house that the pictures obtained from the crime scene had not been fruitful in identifying the attacker. He added that no progress could be made regarding DNA test of the suspected suicide bomber.

The interior minister said that the committee which was set up following the August 8 attack was an administrative committee, adding that 13 more committees like this were working on different matters.

Addressing the Mathew Barrett issue, Nisar said that an investigation was being carried out regarding how the American had been issued a visa in 24 hours. Mathew had obtained the visa on account of negligence of the visa officer, he added.

The interior minister further stated that police had arrested Barrett for roaming in a prohibited area. He added that the FIR registered against the American did not mention anything related to espionage.

Talking about the National Action Plan committee, Nisar said that it would ensure implementation on the plan and revealed that it had been decided to convene a meeting of the chief ministers in the next couple of days.