The Tharparkar, Badin, Sanghar and Thatta districts experience floods every year. These affect not only water supplies but also power plants, sewerage systems, road communication and telecommunication networks. 

This year, flood victims of these areas have received very little or no aid. Civic agencies found it hard to drain out stagnant water due to power outages, which kept sewerage pumping stations non-functional. Continuous rains affected the lives of local people in every way. The boundary wall of a primary school in Rohri(Sukkur) town collapsed on Saturday. Economic activity in these areas has come to a halt. The suffering of inhabitants continues. 

All we can do is hope that the government takes timely action and offers relief facilities to all those affected. Moreover, floods should be controlled in the future by the constructions of more and more dams and barrages. 


Turbat, August 7.