ISLAMABAD - The interior ministry has imposed a complete ban on the protocol being given to the VIPs as well as government officials by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) at the airports across the country.

Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal had directed the FIA that no VIP or government officer should be given protocol at all airports of the country, an official of the ministry said.

In the light of these directions, FIA Headquarters through a letter has warned all of its zonal directors that any official found violating the orders and giving protocol to a VIP would face stern action.

The letter said that immigration counters at airports would be monitored through the CCTVs and in case of violation, the immigration staff and their shift in-charge would be immediately suspended.

It has been directed that the shift in-charge concerned would keep a record of the CCTV footage in his possession so that any violation could be ascertained and the official who violated the ban could be pointed out.

The ministry also directed the FIA to facilitate the passengers at immigration counters and not harass them in any case. FIA has been directed to take proper steps to facilitate the passengers with the help of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and to take proper steps for the betterment of their image which is the face of the country at airports, the official added.

Earlier, the government unofficially had been using the immigration staff to provide protocol to the relatives and gussets of the ministers, politicians, bureaucrats and other important government functionaries as well as themselves.