SIALKOT-The people of Pakistan and India have demanded durable peace along the borders and urged their respective governments to make an all-out effort for developing people-to-people contacts for the purpose.

Showing their great patriotism, loyalty and enthusiasm, a large number of people from both the sides reached the “No Man’s Land” near Sucheetgarh along the Sialkot Working Day to celebrate independence of Pakistan and India. They gave the message of peace and love to each other.

They greeted each other in loud voices on the independence days of Pakistan and India.

Pakistani people were singing “Dil Dil Pakistan, Jaan Jaan Pakistan”, “Jeevey Jeevey Pakistan”, “Tera Pakistan Hey Yeh Mera Pakistan Hey”, “Sohni Dharti Allah Rakhey, Qadam Qadam Aabad Tujhey” and “Humara Parcham, Yeh Piyaara Parcham”.

The Sialkot border villages in Sucheetgarh Sector were echoed with the loud slogans of “Pakistan Zindabad”. The jubilant people were carrying flags of Pakistan and India and wearing clourful dresses having the images of national flags on their cloths. They also showed much excitement to see each other at “No Man’s Land”.

Shilpa Devi (36) reached there from New Delhi. Talking to the Pakistani people, she stressed a need for early resumption of peace talks between Pakistan and India. She said that the peoples wanted to peace.

Manmohan Singh, another Indian from Chandigarh, said that it was high time for both the countries to become good neighbours. Pareet Kaur said that the boundaries could never halt peace desires and efforts. She said that the peoples from both Pakistan and India always desired for peace.

She recited Allama Iqbal’s famous poem “Lab Pey Aati Hey Duaa Ban Key Tammana Meri”. Also some other Indians recited Allama Iqbal’s poem “Saarey Jehaan Sey Accha, Hindustan Humara”.

An Indian couple Rahul and Sheetal urged the Pakistani and Indian governments to bring the peoples closer by spreading peace and tolerance.

Sarwar, a Pakistani citizen, said that the time has come for both the sides to think about peace. Rukhsana Bibi said that every Pakistani wanted to have peace with its neighbours.

Imran Rehman said that sustainable peace between Pakistan and India was vital for the prosperity, peace and human development in the region.

Meanwhile, the people in Sialkot border villages released hundreds of balloons in the air to give a strong message of peace to the Indian people.

ARREST: The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has arrested a notorious human trafficker accused Younas from village Raiyyah Khas, Narowal district for sending local innocent people abroad illegally. Khalid Anees (FIA Divisional Deputy Director) told that the FIA has sent the accused behind the bars after registering a case against him. Further investigations were under way, in this regard.

WOMAN, SON DROWN IN CANAL: A woman and her son Ehtesham (8) drowned in Upper Chenab Canal (UCC) near village Malkhaanwala, Sambrial tehsil. Trader Abbas Ali, his wife Shakeela Bibi (37) and their two sons Asad (3) and Ehtesham (8) were going to see their relatives in Aadmakey Cheema village to celebrate Independence Day. Meanwhile, their motorcycle slipped due to speeding and plunged into the Upper Chenab Canal near Malkhaanwala, Sambrial tehsil.

Abbas saved Asad from drowning in the canal but he could not save his wife and elder son. The divers of Rescue 1122 Sialkot fished out the bodies from the canal and handed over to the grieved family.

The house decorated with the national flags to celebrate the Independence Day turned into a mourning place. The atmosphere became mourning in the area. Several mourning scene were witnessed when the funerals of both deceased were lifted from their house for burial. They were laid to rest in their native graveyard in village Mundair Khurd near Uggoki-Sambrial amid sobs and tears. A large number of the people attended their funeral there during light rainy weather.