Chinese Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson’s message, that Pakistan’s internal situation will not effect China-Pakistan relations after the SC gave its verdict on Panama Papers case was captivating. This shows China’s undying and utmost commitment to our relations. Our Northern neighbours has proofed its everlasting friendship (evident in pages of history) and has played an important role in enhancing our geostrategic importance by initiating the CPEC grand project by which we can address issues like unemployment, poverty, terrorism etc. But, ironically, our leaders are busy in playing the game of thrones which without doubt disturbs the internal situation of the country. Moreover, we are still receiving the “Do More” from the Americans, a country which has always been using us till today for its personal gains. If we do not make the right decisions by improving our political situation, resolving differences through talks, prioritising state interests, properly dealing with our domestic affairs and maintaining unity and stability, a time will come when our leaders will be remembered in bitter pages of history. 


Islamabad, August 2.