Keeping all their self proclaimed achievements of rooting out the militancy aside, the question of how actually keen and focused our government is to eradicate the terrorism out of the country is starting to bubble up in people’s mind again, as terrorists targeted the Arfa Kareem tower which is considered to be among the safest areas in one of the safest city of Pakistan i.e. Lahore. The blast claimed lives of 26 innocent people, leaving many other injured and their families concerned. One could clearly analyse of our government’s seriousness in respect to eradicating terrorism when Punjab’s Law Minister Rana Sanaullah came for his presser later that day and started accusing the opposition, and instead of giving any policy statement or even sympathising with the families of those who have suffered such a great loss of their near and dear ones, he simply started bashing Imran Khan right from the word goes. Historically, condemnation is among the few things which our governments have been doing properly by the book but, as things stand, now even condemnation does not come without criticising the opposition parties, thus, so giving people another just reason to call our structure of politics as “dirty politics”. 

It looks like the state is on a standby mode ever since the Panama leaks made their way into the headlines. Ministers have rather seen spending significant amount of time on defending the Prime Minister and grilling the opposition, particularly PTI, rather than serving their own respective ministries. So the Supreme Court should not delay the verdict of Panama leaks for too long, for if there exists any ‘Panadol’ on earth to treat this Panama leaks fever, it lies in the judgement of our respectable Supreme Court. 


Hyderabad, August 2.