KARACHI-It was a music treat for the people of Karachi when British singer Tarsame Singh Saini widely known as stereo nation came all the way from London to enthrall thousands at a live concert. Pakistan Women Festival concert wrap up with a bang celebrating the 70th anniversary of Independence Day yesterday at a local marquee in Karachi.

The festival was bigger in a way and continued till 3am. The surprise package for the night was renowned Pakistani comedians Uzme and Barkat. They kept on cutting jokes and entertained the audience rolling with their laughter of antics and performance.

Singing sensation Amanat Ali who is a prominent member of the legendary ‘Sham Churasi Gharana’ gave the opening performance of the festival.  Showing a deep understanding of culture to which he’s been integral.  He sang ‘Mola Ali Mola’ and mesmerized the audience with his melodious voice.

The next performance was by Ahmad Jahanzeb who entertained the audience. He managed to deliver a remarkable performance. He sang his famous popular hit songs on the stage and the crowd cheered in ecstasy. Ahmad totally rocked the stage through his mesmerizing voice and tremendous energy.

 Zoe Viccaji who began her career as a backing vocalist at Coke Studio and later became lead singer thrilled the crowd with her flawless vocals and electrifying moves on the stage. The moment she came on stage and sang ‘Ishq Kinara tu tha Yaara’ set the mood of the musical night.  The live concert concluded with the much-awaited performance of British singer stereo nation, he is credited with being the pioneer of cross cultural Asian fusion music.

The crowd consisted of mostly teenyboppers got so much excited to see the glimpse of the rock star. There were also families carrying their children’s waiting to watch his performance. He started the show with his famous song ‘Nachange saari raat soniyo ve’ the crowd’s reaction was a testament to his status and the megastar stole the show with his live singing. 

Talking to The Nation renowned Stereo Nation said, “It has been 25 years I have been performing live concerts in Pakistan. Peoples from Pakistan send me invitation in London. I have to come to Pakistan because of my huge fan following. I feel honoured to perform in Karachi and the crowd is so much energetic,” he said.

Ahmad Jahazaib said, “Pakistani music industry kicks off the music of Bollywood every day. They always keep watching on us and get jealous because they can’t make music like we do. Performing live in Karachi was a fantastic experience and it is always entertaining to perform in front of such huge crowd,” He said. Comedian Barkat said, “Performing comedy in front of Karachi audience is not an easy task. When we were at India we used to feel that this audience is quite fake. They don’t even have the sense of performing comedy. What Kapil Sharma is performing right now Umer Shareef has performed that kind of show 25 years before. One thing about Karachi is that if you become successful to make them laugh then you are a great comedian. My work is to keep people happy and I always try my level best, “he said.