Child Marriages is still an issue in Pakistan even in the 21st century. Elaj Trust has made a video to expose the bitter reality behind ‘Child Marriages’ that still exists in our society. A topic that needs attention for saving the life’s of many daughters that are being ignore by the nation. Most often girls at a very early age get married, they are not free enough to choose their future, they can’t even complete their studies, the innocence taken away and they hold a baby in their hands at an early age.

A public service message by Elaj Trust that helps to provides health awareness for mother and child health. Elaj is bringing awareness by this video, they demonstrated that a mindset exists which promotes child marriages and it needs to be shunned for the wellbeing of our daughters. The script is written by Muhammad Jibran Nasir who is a lawyer and social activist works on project that gravely needs attention and awareness.

The video shows how a young girl is helping her father at his shop and studying as well. A lady comes over to buy yogurt and tells him that now his daughter should stop studying and get married. The father tells the lady that he lost his wife because she was too young to be married, so he will not repeat the same mistake with his daughter.

According to Agha Khan University report, about 35% girls are married before the age of 18. Amongst them 8% are those who become a mother by the age of 15. Due to which they get life threatening diseases and die at an early age.

The main message of the video is, Pakistan will gain freedom in true meaning when girls are free from such barbaric customs and rituals of the society.

The issue of Child Marriages needs to be highlighted, to preserve the innocence of children and provide them with basic rights that they deserve. If this issue is not tackled this will cause an immense damage to the life’s of children as well for the nation.

According to the Economic Survey of Pakistan 2012-13, Pakistan is the sixth country in the world having an estimated 184.35 million people with 2 percent growth rate. By 2050 Pakistan will become the fifth populated country if it continued with the same pace of growth rate. Of this about 48 percent are estimated children. A big number of these children mainly girls are married in their innocent age even 7 years old. In 2012, 75 cases of child marriage were reported by different media agencies; of these total cases, 43 per cent children were from 11 to 15 years old and 32 per cent from the age group 6 to 10 years of age.