islamabad - Following a change of government, the completion of an already delayed Bara Kahu bypass project has become near impossible because the project was a brainchild of previous government, the Nation has learnt.   

A strong proponent of the project was former state minister for Capital Administration and Development Division Dr. Tariq Fazal Chaudhry, who was also an elected representative from the same constituency, where the project was proposed to build. However, Mr. Chaudhry and his party Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz both faced a defeat in the recent elections. 

Few years ago, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) on the directions of then prime minister, Nawaz Sharif had decided to construct the Bara Kahu bypass to ease the growing traffic congestion on Murree Road, in Bara Kahu.

The portion of Murree Road, which passes through Bara Kahu faces heavy traffic, especially during weekends in the summers when tourists head towards Murree.

Originally, the project was assigned to CDA but later the federal government decided to hand the project over to the National Health Authority (NHA) due to the financial constraints faced by the civic body. However, the project was given to the CDA again in 2017.

According to plan, the project involves construction on Murree Road, from Shahdara Stop to the Women’s College stop. The three-kilometre bypass would have double road with two traffic lanes on each side. The project also includes two flyovers at the entry and exit points to shift and divert the traffic from the main Murree Road to the new bypass.

According to tentative CDA’s estimates, the bypass will cost Rs1.8 billion if it starts from Shahdhara to Ghugi and Rs2.2 billion if it is constructed between Shahdhara and Satra Meel, as it will be seven kilometres.

It was also decided that the project would be named after the former premier Nawaz Sharif but unfortunately the project faced continuous delays due to multiple reasons.  PML-N’s engagement on political front and subsequently the disqualification of Nawaz Sharif was the major reason.

Now, the sources inside CDA and NHA informed that the project has no future, as the main force behind the project is no more in power.