Gilgit-Baltistan order 2018 finally broke the long wait of the citizens of GB for full-membership of Pakistan. While giving ordinance of self-governance, the then PM Shahid Khaqan claimed that GB would be enjoying similar rights as given to other provinces. GB is now given all administrative, judicial and financial authorities including; civil services quota, courts and natural resources respectively. 

Unfortunately, all above-cited tall claims seem mere eyewash. As, all the policies of GB would be only PM-centric. He can lodge heavy taxes on the government. Besides, the 60 and 65 articles under the ordinance prove that GB government’s operating handle will be in PM’s hand. No decree or case can be lodged against PM. Really, one wonders how amazingly PM persuades vested interests without questioning the ordinance. 

The nation, therefore, requests the new government——PTI—— to rearrange the unequal policies of GB. We hope GB would be labelled with equal opportunities under NAYA PAKISTAN agenda of Imran Khan government. 


Shikarpur, July 31.