OKARA-An ill housemaid was raped by a doctor when she visited his clinic to get medicine near chicken market while a divorcee was gang raped at home at gunpoint here on Wednesday.

Thirteen years old Tahira Bano of village 32/4L works as housemaid at new log market. As she fell ill, she went to the clinic of Dr Mushtaq. The doctor took her to a room for checkup and forcibly committed rape with her. Later, he escaped from the clinic.

He was subsequently nabbed by the police. He denied the charge of committing rape. He said that it was a conspiracy against him.

However, the medical examination of the girl at the DHQ Hospital has confirmed the commission of the offence.

Likewise, a divorcee was gang raped at home at gunpoint. Surraiya was living with her sister at village 38/2R. She was asleep at home in the compound while her sister and brother-in-law were on the roof.

Meanwhile, Hakim and his accomplice entered the house with weapons. They forcibly committed rape with the divorcee. Her hue and cry awoke her sister and her husband while the rapist escaped.

ALLEGATION: A newborn was allegedly strangled to death by host couple. Sumera of Sohailnagar and her husband Muhammad Jamil remained quarrelling with each other on petty issues.

Sumera left her house in extreme fury and went to stay at the house of her sister Nasreen w/o Ansar.

There she gave birth to a baby who later died. Jamil alleged Ansar and Nasreen had strangled his newly-born son to death.