Alhamra chief visits Iqbal's mausoleum

Alhamra Arts Council Chairman Tauqeer Nasir Wednesday visited the mausoleum of national poet Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal.  He laid a wreath on the grave, offered Fateha and prayed for development and progress of the country. Talking to the media, Tauqeer Nasir said:“It is a privilege to breathe the air of independence. This independence came with a cost. Our forefathers shed their blood to secure our future. We must not take it for granted. We are blessed that we live in a country that has amazed the world in every domain and we must work together to make our country the best in the world.”–Staff Reporter


Dozens arrested in police crackdown

At least 43 people were arrested by police on different charges on the eve of Independence Day, a police official said Tuesday. The police launched crackdown as people defied the ban on aerial firing, fireworks and one-wheeling to celebrate the event. Most of the people were arrested during security search on city roads.  Police official Nadeem Khokhar on Tuesday said at least 43 people were arrested from different parts of the metropolis since Monday evening. The arrests were made on different charges including aerial firing, one-wheeling, hooliganism, and troublemaking.  “Five people were arrested by Dolphins Squads when they were firing into the air. These gunmen were heavily drunk,” the official said. He said that nine motorcyclists were also arrested since they were performing stunts on the back wheel of their two-wheelers. According to SP (Mobiles and Dolphins), the police also recovered three stolen motorcycles, one car, and firearms during the operation. –Staff Reporter


PHC seals fake rehab centre

The Punjab Healthcare Commission on Wednesday has sealed an illegal drug treatment and rehabilitation clinic after evacuating 13 inmates.  As per details, the joint action was taken by the district administration, health authority and police under the supervision of the PHC against the Rah-e-Nijat Clinic. 13 inmates were evacuated to the Punjab Institute of Mental Health, where they were screened by experts. These individuals were kept in bad conditions, where no medical or drug rehabilitation treatment was being given to them. No standardisation for food and accommodation were implemented for the inmates, who were found to be suffering from various diseases. –Staff Reporter



Pakistan Writers Guild Secretary Javed Tufail passed away on Wednesday. His funeral will be held Thursday at Miani Sahib Graveyard.  Tufail was suffering from heart disease. He was editor of Naqoosh. Writers and journalists expressed sorrow on the sad demise.–Staff Reporter