SADIQABAD-People of Razia Town staged a protest demonstration against, ‘what they said’, the negligent Mepco authorities for turning a blind eye to their demands relating to continuous power supply. Talking to media, they said that they lacked the basic necessity of life ‘electricity’. “It seems as if electricity has never reached our area,” they said, and added that the power transmission lines, carrying heavy load of electricity, caused local electricity transformer to burn which resulted in prolonged power suspension. They criticised the Mepco authorities for neglecting this problem.

The protesting people including Mushtaq, Abbas Ali, Iftikhar, Malik Ahsan, Ghulam Nabi, Zafar Iqbal, Irshad Ahmed, Usman, and Rana Zain maintained that power was being supplied to their nearby towns and localities. “They included Sultan Town, Haq Town, Munawar Town and Gulshan Town,” they said, adding “But we do not have electricity in our area due to negligent Mepco authorities.” They claimed to have repaired the transformer many times on a self-help basis. “It didn’t help because the transformer burns frequently due to fluctuation in power supply,” they stated. Besides power suspension, they said that they had to face a lot of difficulties in transportation due to accumulation of dirty water in streets. They flayed the politicians for disappearing from the scene after victory in elections, adding they had never bothered to solve their problems. They demanded an immediate solution to their problems.

DEATH: The mother of an inspector of Intelligence Bureau [IB] died. Her funeral was offered in Sanjarpur village. A large number of people attended the funeral.

A Quran Khwani was also held for rest of the departed soul in peace.