In an extensive campaign against perils of phony vehicle identification, Punjab Safe City Authority (PSCA) collaborated with Punjab Police to probe more than 8,345 vehicles in last 30 days since the IGP sanctioned the joint crackdown.

The probe met 421 vehicles having no or incomplete identification and registration papers, whereas 107 vehicles were found to display fake number plates. 118 of such suspicious vehicles were routed to relevant police stations for further investigation, whereas 25 of such vehicles were impounded, for establishing discrepancies, with 32 owners booked for their felonies.

Those impounded included three Mercedes, 11 Land Cruisers, five Hiluxes, six Hondas, three Toyota Corollas, three Audis, one Rangerover and a Suzuki. In total, 195 vehicles were black listed, fined or suffered both. Following the IGP’s directive, the operation against smuggled, illegal or fake-ID vehicles will likely continue indiscriminately.

It is worth mentioning here that PSCA identifies all such illegal vehicles using its high-resolution cameras; however, further investigation and subsequent actions are carried out by the police. PSCA E&T are poised to introduce newly-designed ID-improved number plates for better monitoring and regulation purposes. E-Ticketing shall follow shortly after it.

Citizens are urged to always use legal registration number and authorized number plates to avoid any inconvenience. They are also advised to report any activity challenging the law at 15 emergency helpline immediately.