The paid public office holders of Pakistan cannot be absolved of their complicity in massive corruption that has plagued this country for too long. Assets of men like Fawad Hassan Fawad, Tariq Aziz, Saeed Mehdi, Ahmed Sadiq etc who have served as PS to PM or President are testimony if any is needed to prosecute them.

Thousands of acres of state land gets illegally occupied in complicity with paid bureaucracy, while billions of rupees in tax revenues are evaded with active cooperation of public office holders paid by the state to collect revenues. Food adulteration has assumed an epidemic situation because State has failed to enforce its mandatory constitutional regulatory controls. Whether it be public rail, road or air transport there is visible state failure in ensuring safety standards and consumer friendly affordable and reliable services.

Over 45 years have elapsed since Federal Government purged bureaucracy of 303 corrupt bureaucrats. Laws exist on statute books to prevent all such crimes but have never been implemented. It is an established Islamic norm, also practiced in developed world, where rule of law exists, that those holding paid or elected public office must not have any conflicts of interest. Yet every paid public office holder, including politicians are involved in developing housing societies, or getting contracts through front-man for their own commercial benefits, while masses are devoid of even clean drinking water. All Pakistani civil commercial airports have failed to meet internationally acceptable security standards, yet ASF has audacity to launch its own commercial housing society, inviting application from general public, although it has failed to perform its sole obligation of providing security.

The public interest of 200 million cannot be sacrificed at altar of insatiable greed of few, nor should they escape accountability under garb of job security.


Peshawar, July 30.