LAHORE - Punjab Governor Malik Rafiq Rajwana Wednesday resigned from his office and announced to start law practice again.

He made this surprising announcement during his visit to Lahore High Court Bar Association. Rajwana said he fulfilled all his duties according to law and Constitution and did not breach the trust of his leadership.

“Bar is my home and today I have returned to my home,” said Rajwana, adding, “I started my practical life by wearing the black court and today once again I’m wearing the same.” He said he tried his best to solve the problems of the lawyers and kept the door of his office open for everyone.

Rajwana was appointed as Punjab governor in May 2015.

After getting a law degree from University of the Punjab, Rajwana started his career as a judicial officer. First he served as an additional district & sessions judge and later he was also appointed as president of Lahore High Court Bar Association (LHCBA) Multan bench in 1996. He also became senator on the seat vacated by former president Rafiq Tarar in 1998 and again in 2012 on a PML-N general seat.