islamabad (PR) - Roots international schools Wellington Campus in collaboration with Hashoo Foundation organized the International youth day & Independence day. The function included National Anthem, speech competition, National Song. The topic for speech competition was “Youth involvement/engagement is important for achieving sustainable development goals”. 12 Students participated in the speech competition, from which Maham Nadeem Stood 1st, Meher Yasir and Agha Ali Stood 2nd & 3rd respectively. Gul Rukh Khan and a group of IGCSE II students sang a national song during the event.

The Chief Guest of the event was the Country Director HASHOO Foundation Ayesha Khan. In her speech, Ayesha Khan shared her views about the importance of youth for achieving SDG’s. Roots International Schools under the umbrella of Community Engagement club and Global Citizenship Society encourages students to participate in such activities. Many students from Roots International Schools Rawal Campus were enrolled in an Internship program by Hashoo Foundation, in a summer project task in Regional Office Rawalpindi (ROR). The education team of Hashoo Foundation (HF) engaged them in advocacy and awareness activities.

At the end of the presentation the students reflected on their learning such as how to be patient and persistent during communicating with various people. The students also shared that they enjoyed teamwork and the culture at Hashoo Foundation. They also appreciated the working environment of HF.  Overall this activity provided a platform to Roots International School and Hashoo Foundation to arrange summer internship activities for young learners to develop life- long learning skills.