Islamabad - Election Commission of Pakistan on Wednesday said that rules and regulations were there to address the issue of alleged rigging in the general election.

“In this respect, the ECP wishes to clarify that the country’s laws specify all procedures to be taken in case doubts arise regarding transparency of the voting process”, the ECP spokesperson said in response to the President of Pakistan’s statement asking the ECP to address the concerns about rigging.

The ECP further said that petitions could be filed before the ECP and election tribunals which would be decided according to the law. “In case there are suspicions, a petition can be filed with the ECP and the Election tribunals. These petitions will be decided under relevant laws and evidences in the best possible way”, the spokesperson added.

In a related development, the ECP on Wednesday appointed Election tribunals for the four provinces to hear and dispose of complaints relating to the general election 2018.

Meanwhile, the ECP said that the election-related material found at ‘tandoors’ (flatbread shops) in the federal capital few days ago was neither sensitive nor important. The commission explained that the material which was being used to wrap up ‘naan’ for customers before it was stumbled on by a reporter was in fact instructional in nature which had been provided to schools and colleges for training of staff tasked with election duties.

The material had been provided in large volumes and the institutions sold it off after finding no further use of the same, the ECP spokesperson said. The ECP also made clear that sensitive and important material was safely stored in the commission’s strong rooms.

In another related development, the ECP issued notifications of 4 more successful candidates in July 25 general election.

According to the details, the ECP notified Naveed Dero as successful candidate from NA-215, Sanghar-1. Likewise, Chaudhary Faisal Farooq Cheema and Hashim Dogar were notified as successful candidates from PP-76, Sargodha-V and PP-177, Kasur-IV from Punjab, while Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah was notified as successful candidate from PS-48, Miropurkhas-11 in Sindh.