MULTAN-The activists of Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan brought (TLP) out a rally to condemn the proposed sacrilegious caricatures contest in the Netherlands here on Wednesday.

Hundreds of people joined the rally and shouted slogans against the Netherlands. Participants of the rally marched up to Multan Press Club from Shah Rukane Alam area under the leadership of Allama Muhammad Mujahid Ismael Rizvi.

Speaking on this occasion, Allama Rizvi, Ayub Mughal, Hasnain Javed and others said that the motive behind staging the rally is to disseminate the message to organisers of the cursed contest that the Muslims would punish them if they commit this crime. They said that the criminal silence of Muslim rulers does not represent sentiments of the Muslim Ummah.

They warned that whenever anyone tried to attack sanctity of the Holy Prophet (SWWT), he was duly punished by the Muslims. They asked the rulers of Muslim states to end their criminal silence and sever their diplomatic relations with Holland if it allowed the contest. They asked Imran Khan and Army Chief to talk to Dutch envoy and use their influence to get the contest stopped.