The effort the current Government is making to put the economy on track is really significant. The system of tax collection is not functioning the way it should be. The step taken to bring everyone under the tax law is going to generate revenue in a more effective manner. Prosperity cannot prevail until the national treasury has not the required revenue. If the reformed tax policy is followed, the economy will take its flight to the new horizons of development and prosperity.

The government is also striving hard to strengthen the export sector. The export sector plays a key role in the development of the country. Foreign investment is also inevitable. In previous governments, foreign investors are asked for bribery or commission. This is why our export sector remained unproductive. Besides this, looted wealth by the politicians in different governments has to be brought back.

Massive support is needed from the nation to move all the institutions of the country in the right direction. The process of change has started. It will take time and the fruit of this long-awaited change will be enjoyed by everyone.