MIRPUR (AJK)-People in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Thursday observed India’s Independence Day as black day to mark protest against the illegal occupation of a large part of Jammu and Kashmir by India.

They also condemned atrocities of the Indian occupying forces against the innocent people of the Occupied Kashmir which has been turned into a prison after the abrogation of its special status by New Delhi.

A mammoth public rally was taken out in Mirpur to observe the black day. Through a unanimously passed resolution, the participants warned India to abstain from launching any aggression against Pakistan or AJK. “Every individual of AJK is fully prepared to defend his/her motherland along with the valiant Armed Forces of Pakistan if India dares to attack Pakistan or AJK,” they said.

They thanked and paid rich tributes to the people and the government of Pakistan especially Prime Minister Imran Khan’s assurance of his unequivocal support to Kashmiris struggle for right to self determination.

They said that the people of Jammu and Kashmir were observing India’s Independence Day as black day with more hatred and resentment against India because of her unlawful act of revoking special status of the J&K state.

Besides Mirpur, anti-India rallies were taken out in all other areas of AJK including Muzaffarabad, Kotli, Bhimbher, Rawalakot, Bagh, Palandri, Neelam valley, Jhelum valley, and Havaili. People from all walks of life participated in the rallies holding black flags and wearing black armbands.

Addressing the rallies, the speakers said that India had imposed a curfew in Occupied Jammu Kashmir, adding that it had besieged the entire valley by deploying even larger number of forces.

They said that the people of Jammu and Kashmir were rendering unprecedented sacrifices for the last 72 years for freedom from the Indian yoke. They expressed grave concern over the deteriorating condition of the valley owing to India’s growing atrocities.

They said that India was trying to push the entire region into a war through its unwise decision of revoking special status of J&K state, adding that India was acting in blatant violation of the UN resolutions.

They rejected India’s move of abolishing special status of the disputed Jammu Kashmir state and expressed full solidarity with the oppressed Kashmiri brethren.

They warned India of stern action against any misadventure, urging the international community to play its role in getting Kashmir issue resolved. They also urged the international community to take notice of the Indian state terrorism against unarmed people of the valley.

They said that the world must stop Indian Prime Minister Modi from oppressing Kashmiri Muslims, adding that the entire region would have to suffer the consequences of his unwise acts.