It refers to the article (Crimes behind closed doors ) which was published on 10 July 2019, by Rafia Zakaria in the dawn. Before expressing my ideas, first let me appreciate the writer for her appreciable work. I really appreciate her because of her contribution for the voiceless women . Here no one can deny the fact that to some extent, women are marginalized by our conservative society. However, there is no blinking at the fact that reportedly in March this year a man in Karachi’s Memon Goth beat his wife and daughter to death over a dispute. Nonetheless, as the writer mentioned, the alleged “honor killing” that took place mere days ago on July 6, where a brother killed his sister, will similarly be forgotten. This past Ramadan, a man named Gulzar Ahmed allegedly shot and killed his younger daughter because of not waking up him in time for Sehri.

But still, we proudly say we respect the dignity of women. However, they are being murdered, raped and killed because they are voiceless. People are not aware of what is taking place behind closed doors. Therefore, they accept what they listen, and they believe what they see.