It is being said that Qadiani missionaries are strongly working in less privileged areas and propagating their belief and creed these days since the incumbent government has reined the ruling of the country. On the contrary and as per the constitution passed in National Assembly in 1973, Ahmadis neither can call themselves Muslims nor can practice their religious activities. How can preaching their faith be allowed? But there is a strong rumor that in Tharparkar district, Qadiani missionaries are actively propagating their teachings. Qadiani missionaries always select such areas where people live their lives below standard and desperately need financial as well as medical and educational facilities and these missionaries provide these facilities in a good manner and in return they instill their teachings.

The present government should take note of such activities and refrain Qadiani missionaries from preaching their belief and creed and act as per the constitution passed in National Assembly in 1973 to keep the supremacy of constitution intact regardless of which government has passed this legislation.