While RSS head honcho, Modi was bulldozing his way through in Occupied Kashmir and Ajit Doval was trying to do a photo shoot with goats, Occupied Kashmir was burning with seventh consecutive day of curfew and deployment of Indian Forces, now touching closer to a million mark.

Modi’s gamble can go in any direction, it can immensely benefit India and BJP while deflecting attention away from economic slowdown and lack of jobs, it can also become an revenge of humiliation suffered by Indian Air Force vis a vis PAF after Balakot Tree strike. In the long run, this trend could set a new precedence where India could resort to abrogation of Indus Water Treaty and may humiliate Pakistan with further demands on Azad Kashmir. This can also help India in creating an internal front within Pakistan.

Before looking at what are the response options for Pakistan let us see the rising fascism in India and how RSS has manipulated majoritarianism to erect the bogey of Hindutva. There are stark commonalities between Hitler’s Nazis and Modi’s Sanghis.

Dietrich Eckart founders of German workers Party, which evolved into NSDAP National Socialist Deutsche Arbeit Party aka Nazi Party, was a key influencer of Hitler. Although Ecktart is not much discussed in Pakistan he has similarities to Golwalkar and Savarkar, the founders of RSS.

Without going into details of how Hitler consolidated his power and what happened to Europe between 1939 and the fall of 3rd Reich, summary of some of the ideological moorings and actions of Nazi party is given in succeeding paras to highlight how Nazis took the entire German Nation of a ride. Each action of Nazis in Germany has also been annotated with exapmles of what RSS goons are doing in India.

Nazi party promulgated Laws of Nuremburg in 1930s which reduced Jews, Hippies and some other communities as second class citizens because of Nazi definition of “impure blood”. Jews were ostracized in businesses and civil services and common Germans kept quiet as lost jobs and businesses in targeted communities benefitted them. Police was posted outside shops to prevent people from buying stuff as economic ostracizing ,something similar is happening in India where Muslim businesses especially beef market has been systematically targeted in the name of Gao Raksha.

Anti- Semitic rioting became common and German women were told to avoid relationship with Jewish men, similar discrimination is taking place against Muslims in the name of Love Jihad , Ghar Wapsi and Beti Bachao. Swastika is a common symbol of Nazis and Hindutva flag bearers, Goebbels used mass communication to spread the Nazi ideology and terrorize Germans and neighboring nations, RSS is doing it through mainstream media and Social Media . Recent censoring of NDTV for showing glimpses of reality in Occupied Kashmir is a case in point. Systematic assassination of dissenting and liberal voices and trolling by Sanghis also echoes of what happened to German liberals and democrats. Gauri Lankesh, Dabholkar and M M Kalburgi were assassinated by death squads of Abhinav Bharat and Sanatan Sanstha(both offshoots of RSS), whereas the alleged killers and RSS activists like Sadhvi Pragya Thakur are sitting in Indian Lok Sabha.

RSS is Saffronizing science and history and developing an absurd sense of superiority whereas the reality is that India was ruled by foreign powers for almost 2000 years. From verbal abuse and trolling of opponents and liberals to physical assault , India has become a Lynchistan. It is likely that this hate train will morph into a culture of mass killings and pogroms like Gujarat massacre under Narendra Modi.

Like Nazis, intoxication of power has blinded the RSS goons ruling the Rajpath and their Kar-Sevaks are marauding innocent people in the towns and villages across India. Hitler’s concentration camps program started after annexation of Poland and reportedly millions of Jews perished without the world even condemning it, is Modi’s RSS going to repeat this phenomenon in 21t century?

Hitler’s re-integration of Rhineland and Anschluss of Austria (occupation of Austria) led to “Appeasement in Munich” in 1938 which further created an environment for Hitler to annex Sudetenland from Czechoslovakia and Memel from Lithuania. Finally it resulted in devouring of Poland and WW2.

Who can stop this RSS(Nazi) hate train in the region. Based on their strategic and commercial interests, the West, Russian Federation and almost all of so called OIC will do nothing and may resort to appeals and condemnations and restraint between Pakistan and India. So it falls on the shoulders of Pakistan to not only stop the madness but also roll back Nazism in India.

Coming to opportunities for Pakistan: Muslims of Occupied Kashmir may have for the first time found a common ground for all (including moderates, pro India political supporters, anti- India political supporters and liberation fighters). The sentiment analysis of the educated Kashmiris and statement by pro India leaders like M Mufti(though one should not trust them at all) suggests that majority of Kashmiris have rejected Indian move, especially after the way they were treated and cut off from rest of the world.

As stated by one of the leading Indian opinion makers, Pratab Bhanu Mehta in Indian Express, “Indian democracy is failing. It is descending into majoritarianism, the brute power of the vote; it will no longer have the safety valves that allowed inclusion. The feckless abdication of the Opposition will only deepen the sense of alienation. There are no political avenues for protest left. No constitutional protections are granted. (Indian)Parliament is a notice board, not a debating forum”.

While RSS goons may be celebrating this paper transaction and believing that Modi has become the Lord Vishnu, history of past 40 years tells a different story. It took nine years for Pakistan to get Afghanistan liberated from Soviet Occupation. Despite US and 40 countries (including India) useing military power and coercive strategy in Afghanistan, finally Pakistan’s pivotal and central position has been accepted by International Community. Indian coercion and paper transaction of Occupied Kashmir may not last longer. With peace returning to Afghanistan, Pakistan could put all her energies in liberation of Occupied Kashmir and things could turn upside down for Modi.

We feel that there is a need for call for another Pakistan within India, it may be difficult to specify geographical extent of this zone of peace, we suggest a state comprising Western Uttar Pradesh, Indian Punjab (Khalistan) and Occupied Kashmir to be carved out of India for all the oppressed communities like Muslims, Dalits, Sikhs and Christians. This could form a larger union with Pakistan and Afghanistan and make sure the RSS ideology is buried in the dust bin of history. This suggestion may sound strange for many but ten years down the line, oppressed communities in India(comprising 60% of India) would need a new homeland where they can breathe freely and shed the choking yolk of RSS lynch mobs.