On this day in 1947, Pakistan became the world’s first Islamic republic when it gained independence from British Raj. The name Pakistan is a conjunction of two words: ‘Pak’ meaning pure in Urdu and Persian, and ‘Stan’ meaning ‘land’. In reality, independence happened at midnight on 14th August 1947, which is why the tradition in Pakistan has been to celebrate Independence Day on the 14th of August. On this day, the national flag is hoisted on public and private buildings, residences, and monuments. Official buildings, including Parliament House, are decorated with flags. Prime Minister and President congratulate the nation and pay homage to those who fought for our independence.

The whole nation shows their love for motherland by wearing green, and decorating buildings and streets with lights.

This day reminds us that we are a brave and courageous nation, that continues to thrive in spite of challenges like terrorism and poverty. Let us promise to ourselves, on this day, to serve Pakistan with wisdom and optimism. Long Live Pakistan!