Books are the loyal companion of a person in their loneliness Books leave a deep impact on their readers. They encapsulate the thoughts of different personalities. 

Unfortunately, in this age of technology, we have shunted books out of our lives. We indulge in useless content for entertainment to the extent that we have forgotten the charm and joy of books. History tells us that whenever any nation made progress, they developed a culture of reading in their society. Where books take us to the world of fantasies through thrilling novels and short stories, they mirror the true face of society. 

They portray charismatic personalities and interesting characters. They imbue a sense of respect and being benign. When a person reads diverse ideas and applies them in their real life, they become more rational and practical. They provide us with the goals to accumulate in life. Good books introduce us to the rich cultures and civilizations that exist around the world. We must adopt the habit of reading good books to grow personally and professionally.