DIR UPPER - Persons with disabilities and Friends from Paraplegic Center Peshawar participated in the Run for Kashmir Marathon on their wheel chair to express solidarity with Kashmiris The participants were holding national flags and flags of Kashmir, wearing T-shirts inscribed with “Kashmir Banay Ga Pakistan”. 

Run for Kashmir Marathon in Dir Lower organized by District Sports Officer Muhkhtiar Hussain with the strong support and cooperation of the district administration Dir Upper. The aim and objective of participation in wheel chair Run for Kashmir Marathon is to express solidarity with Kashmiris, former Wheel Chair National cricket player, Ayaz Khan said. A large number of people from different Games turned up to cheer for the runners, while the participating athletes seemed energetic. Before the start of the Run for Kashmir Marathon on Wheel Chair, Police and Lives Forces presented a salute on flag hoisting ceremony, followed by the National Anthem at the office of the Deputy Commissioner Dir Upper. Khalid Iqbal Khattak, DPO Tariq Iqbal, Assistant Director Local Govt Haji Bacha, Additional Assistant Commissioner Ijaz Akhtar, District Sports Officer Mukhtiar Hussain, players and persons with disabilities and spectators were also present.