MUZAFFARGARH - A unique kind of ceremony to mark Indian Independence Day today as Black Day was observed with its flags and portrait of Narendar Modi, Indian Premier, were burnt on Saturday. 

The ceremony was organised by Pakistan Awami Raj (PAR) Party at Noor Hospital Khan Garh. PAR central leader Dr Abdur Rasheed Sheikh, Chairman Punjab Lawyers Front Rana Amjad, president of Supreme Lawyers Forum Haris Khan, president United Citizen Front Rana Sohail, Muhammad Sohaib Shafee, Malik Mahboob and others said Indian fascism had been exposed to entire world. 

They said why Indians and their PM were celebrating Independence Day, when they had snatched freedom of Kashmiri people. They said sooner or later India would tore into pieces. They also casted concern that United Nations (UN) had kept mum on Indian brutalities being carried out in Kashmir since decades. They appealed the government to improve diplomacy on Kashmir issue with passage of time.