ISLAMABAD            -         In a recent interview, an acting diva Iqra Aziz Hussain who has already captured millions of hearts, told that she preferred getting married at an early age to get rid of questions regarding dating and affairs. She wanted a legal relationship rather than illegal. Iqra says she is very thankful to God for a husband like Yasir Hussain. 

Yasir always cooks food for her and feeds her because he knows she doesn’t know how to cook. He takes care of her more than her expectations. 

He never fights, argues or asks for anything so Iqra realizes it herself and devotes her time towards him and his likings. Iqra came to realize that Yasir is the one for her, when they both spent time together in Canada. 

She never really liked travelling but with him it was a lot of fun for her. Yasir’s personality always reflects care, positivity and respect towards women.