Parliamentary Leader Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Punjab, Syed Hassan Murtaza has said that lack of coordination between the government and institutions on a sensitive issue like Kashmir is the worst form of crisis; even the federal minister has accused the foreign ministry of doing nothing about the Kashmir issue, this accusation is the charge sheet against the government. 

In a statement issued here on Sunday, he alleged that PM Imran Khan was responsible for the catastrophes and crises, but it is being said that the sacrifice of Usman Bazdar should be given. Without Niazi no one's sacrifice will be accepted and the situation will not improve, he added.

Hassan Murtaza said that removal of Buzdar will not do anything positive, Niazi will have to go, adding that the real incompetent, and incapable is Imran Khan, while Buzdar is just his puppet.

He said that in the presence of Imran Khan there can be no betterment in any field.

The PPP leader said that Niazi has plunged the country into an administrative crisis, no one in government or government departments knowing what to do, there is too much uncertainty.