“Woodstock was both a peaceful protest 

and a global celebration”

-Richie Havens

On August 15, 1969, the Woodstock music festival opened on a patch of farmland in a little- known hamlet in upstate New York, White Lake. Guitarist Richie Havens started off the performances.

The event could have been cancelled as both Woodstock and nearby town Wallkill did not allow for the event to take place in their jurisdiction. A dairy farmer saved the day at the last minute, allowing promoters to use his 600 acres of land in Bethel, roughly 50 miles away from Woodstock.

With estimates of attendees skyrocketing from 50,000 to 200,000 by the time tickets sales were counted, the actual number of those that attended might have been as high as 400,000 because those that did not get tickets simply started pouring in through holes of the fences after the organisers gave up on trying to keep control of the crowd. Hence the event eventually became free-of-charge.