KARACHI - After a successful show of power by PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz, the Pakistan People’s Party has also decided to prepare for a power show in Islamabad on the occasion of the party leader Asif Ali Zardari’s hearing at the accountability court in Islamabd on August 17.

“Asif Ali Zardari has decided to appear before the court,” announced the PPP leader Senator Raza Rabbani during a presser to divulge details of the hybrid physical-online party meeting at Bilawal House.

We asked the court to reconsider its decision to summon the former president and record his statement via online platform, he said, as the accountability court issued arrest warrants of the former president in the Toshakhana case.

The meeting of the PPP, headed by Bilawal Bhutto and attended by top leaders including Co-Chairperson PPP Asif Ali Zardari, Mrs Faryal Talpur, Nayyar Bokhari, Farhatullah Babur, Raja Parvez Ahraf, Sherry Rehman, Syed Qaim Ali Shah, Raza Rabbani, Syed Murad Ali Shah, Nisar Ahmed Khuhro, Naveed Qamar, Humayoon Khan, Farooq Naek, discussed political situation.

The meeting resolved to face all fake cases trumped up by the PTI regime via its varlet NAB, which has become completely controversial and lost all credibility, especially after the damning reports by international organizations such as the Human Rights Watch, as well as the Supreme Courts own observations on NAB in Saad Rafique case.

Moreover, the meeting also took strong notice of the controversial statements emanating from the PTI government and its officials, including the Attorney General about their intentions for Sindh’s capital. The CM Sindh reiterated his commitment to serve both Karachi and other areas of Sindh, observing that extreme, exceptional weather had caused great misery and hardship to the people of Karachi in particular.

The meeting condemned the federal government’s obvious and renewed attempts at subverting the mandate of the people, and resolved to resist all unconstitutional and illegal encroachments on the PPP government’s rights and responsibilities in Sindh.

Speaking during the presser, Raza Rabbani also rejected attempts from the federal government against 18th amendment and said that Sindh government was solely responsible for resolving issues of the city.

The meeting condemned the current government’s misuse of parliamentary democracy by a regime that tried to bulldoze sensitive laws that protect Pakistan’s international and security interests by leaving them undiscussed and unprocessed in parliament until the last minute, putting the country at serious risk.

At the same time the meeting noted the gravity of the situation where the government tried to impose authoritarian, draconian laws using the cover of these FATF laws.

It recognized the parliamentary party’s contribution in amending these crucial laws to remove their undemocratic, anti-rights clauses, and resolved to oppose all such clauses that misused the name of FATF for enabling a controversial anti-democratic agenda through the Houses of Parliament.

The party resolved to protect the interests of Pakistan and its people by opposing all illegal, draconian clauses in any bills, including the economic terrorism bill, the AMLA bill and the Anti-Terror bill clauses which had nothing to do with what FATF required.

Finally, the Party reiterated its undying commitment to the Kashmir cause, condemned Indian atrocities in Illegally Occupied Indian Kashmir, and to the people of entire Kashmir for supporting their inalienable right to self determination as enshrined in the UN Resolutions. The PPP also reiterated its position of supporting the rights of the Palestinian people to their right to independent statehood.