LAHORE       -     University of Management and Technology (UMT) celebrated 73rd Independence Day of Pakistan with traditional zeal and fervor. President UMT Ibrahim Hassan Murad hoisted the national flag along with Rector UMT, university staff and the faculty. Speaking on the occasion, Ibrahim Murad said that Pakistan is the outcome of unforgettable & tireless struggle and dedication of our forefathers who paid a heavy price of life’s and their assets to get us independent home land Pakistan. He also said Pakistan was one of the miracles of Allah Almighty and those who hatch conspiracies against our beloved homeland would never succeed in their evil intentions. President UMT expressed that universities should play a vital role in real development of Quaid’s Pakistan. He said that without investment in higher education there is no way to compete with other nations of the world.

 Secret of peace and prosperity lies in education, which is the engine for reforms in all sectors, he added.

Ibrahim Murad also said that it is our responsibility to put the country on the lines of hundred percent literacy rate, economic sustainability, social harmony and political stability, if we want to lead the world. So it is need of hour to raise our standard as per the latest method of education specially using technologies. Murad urged on creating maximum opportunities for our youth so they can enthusiastically play their needed role to strengthen the national economy. Quaid Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah placed great importance on the youth because he declared youth as backbone and future of nation.