PESHAWAR           -           Chairman Amun Taraqqi Party (ATP) Muhammad Faiq Shah on Saturday urged the international community to play its due role in stopping genocide of innocent Kashmiri Muslims in occupied Kashmir. 

Addressing a party meeting, Faiq Shah urged the world leadership to save 10 million Kashmiri people detained in the biggest jail on earth since August 5 last year. 

Faiq Shah said Modi government had made life of Muslims and other minorities miserable in India. He said atrocities and brutalities on innocent Kashmiris had crossed all limits in the illegal Indian occupied Kashmir. 

“Kashmiri people are fighting for their right to self-determination for the last 73 years, which was endorsed by India itself,” Faiq Shah said. 

The ATP chief urged the world powers, including United Nations (UN) and OIC, to intervene immediately in Kashmir issue and stop the increasing human rights violations and genocide of Muslim minorities in the illegally Indian occupied Kashmir, otherwise the regional peace would be on stake.