PESHAWAR Interior Ministry has taken serious note of incomplete data provided by NWFP Police about the foreign aid, which the force has received during the last five years. According to details, PML-Ns MNA Begum Nuzhat Sadiq had raised a question on the floor of House regarding foreign aid received by NWFP Police during the last five years. In response, Interior Ministry had asked National Police Bureau (NPB) to furnish details. The NPB forwarded the question to all respective IGPs. NWFP Police responded that so far they had received Rs 15 million from US authorities as oil charges to ferry IDPs. The report lacked details as well as credibility. There was no mention of the operation conducted in favour of IDPs in the official documents. National media has never reported that NWPP Police have transported IDPs. The report provided by NWFP Police is incomplete as details of vehicles and weapons received from US authorities have not been provided, an official told TheNation on condition of anonymity. He said that the cost of reconstruction of police stations and posts destroyed by Taliban was not included in the report and that was a serious matter. The police claimed they are still waiting for half a million dollar aid that was promised by US. Why do US officials keep their promise when the top police officials lack honesty, transparency and integrity, a senior police official watching all developments said when contacted for a comment. NWFP Police are hiding details intentionally, as we know that UK, Germany, France, and other countries have supported the force in war against terror, he added. Some opposition lawmakers in the NWFP Assembly are expected to raise question about the aid and its utilisation in the next session, sources informed.